Hellhound Music Review!

Hellhound Music Review!

Indie pop singer-songwriters Macedo, consisting of identical twin sisters Michelle & Melissa Macedo, have just announced the release of their new EP, Paper Doll, on February 4th, 2014! The follow-up to the band’s debut Flags & Boxes LP, Paper Doll reflects over two years of immeasurable creative growth. Paper Doll EP cut “Your Skin Brims” swings effortlessly from irresistible piano-pop verses to deliciously catchy, rocking guitar choruses- an unapologetic break-up anthem scattered with feisty lyrics like “I’m about to kiss my own worst critic.” The“Your Skin Brims” MP3 premiered with WNYC, and is available to post & share HERE.

The Paper Doll EP also features title track “Paper Doll,” a down-tempo ballad which showcases the duo’s harmonic perfection atop swelling cello lines & organs, and “17,” an emotional, hard-hitting number complete with universally relatable lyrics.

The uniquely raw & organic sound of Paper Doll is testament to the undeniable musical chemistry between Michelle & Melissa Macedo. The EP, written entirely by Macedo (engineered & produced by MJ Denton), tackles subjects such as self-discovery & heartbreak amidst powerful instrumentation & vocals.

Stay tuned for more news from Macedo coming soon!